Tribe: exploring the language of community

“People say that what we’re all seeking is a meaning for life. I don’t think that’s what we’re really seeking. I think that what we’re seeking is an experience of being alive"
- Joseph Campbell. 

How do you Tribe?  We are living in an age with increased communication and gathering among our tribes. A modern nomadic condition that is predicated on unique experiences. We find ourselves interacting with others that share a similar thirst for these experiences and a desire to share of themselves in an impactful way. We are interacting with others that share similar values at festivals, in our travels, and many other immediate experiences that bring our communities together. Join me on a journey that explores the common language among our tribes and how to navigate this Cosmic Jambalaya.  We will explore topics ranging from the structure of belonging to how we can live individual lives while in pursuit of a collective purpose.

I was born in Brooklyn, NY – the son of Russian immigrants who instilled in me a strong sense of community and culture via Yiddish antics, Russian bathhouses, and a whole lot of Borscht.  I spend my life dedicated to bringing people together in places that catalyze shared experience. If there were a gluten free sandwich called “Experience” I would have it for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  I currently live in Costa Rica creating a community called Puerta a la Vida – a community rooted in a culture of Intelligent Living. With a Wellness Center at its core and a synergy of organic farming, sustainability, education, art and expression – a platform to support truly abundant living.

Cultivating a culture of shared experiences has been a passion of mine for many years - whether it was organizing large events in New York City, events for Burning Man, or an adventure in the Costa Rican Jungles. I have spent my life curating experiences, engaging in them, and connecting with tribe after tribe, community after community, individual after individual in attempt to understand and contribute to the chessboard. 

But what draws me to this? What are all of these experiences about? What is the purpose of our human experience? What is my purpose here? How can I best serve? I ask myself these questions many times a day to remind myself that I’m here to live on purpose. I’m here to figure out how I am at best service to the world. How the unique gifts that I was provided can best benefit those around me - my tribe, my community, my family, my friends. For I am indeed part of a whole, and when I feel that structure of belonging and feel my purpose towards that whole, I feel at my best. Finding a role in my tribe and a sense of responsibility has been a healthy fuel for a fire that is being cultivated and growing daily. This intersection between the individual and the tribe is a particularly interesting one to explore. I strive to  live an individual life in pursuit of a collective purpose. Contribution of our selves to the world, in our own unique way, creates a feeling of purpose and happiness. A life being lived to its potential. And it takes a constant awareness to truly be able to evaluate this process and assess if we are indeed doing our best. Are you?