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dare to tap into your greatest power

Does this sound like you?

You’ve completed almost every personal and professional development course but still haven’t achieved the results your heart desires.

You have a well-developed intuition but often convince yourself to go against it only to regret it later.

You make a six-figure income (or more) but feel like you never have enough to live the life you truly want.

You’re good at reading people, but for some reason your personal and professional relationships quickly run their course.

You feel materially wealthy and spiritually drained.

You need a much-needed vacation.

What if I told you that the key to getting everything you want and more is by mastering your intuition?

All you need is someone to teach you how to master what’s already inside you away from the pressures of your daily life.

That’s where I come in!


Julie Pham is an intuitive that has mastered her gift so that she can teach others how to tap into their sixth sense.  She believes that it is the most powerful ally you have, because it will help you live a life aligned and always guide you in the right direction.  The gift of intuition is something that we are all born with, but like any talent, some are naturally gifted with it and some have to practice it a bit more to refine it.  

Julie believes it is your untapped super power that when utilized will up-level all areas of life (business, love, health, and anything else you could imagine).

She is an international personal development coach that teaches entrepreneurs, thought leaders, and spiritual enthusiasts to not only tap into their intuition but remove any emotional blocks that are keeping them from living the life they have always dreamed.  She not only teaches intuition but conscious business development, and how to attract the love you've always desired.

She developed her own healing method called EMR (Energetic Mapping and Restoration) that combines energy work, coaching, and deep cognitive analysis.  This method maps out patterns and pinpoints where your blocks are.

Julie Pham is on a mission to open people's hearts to all the love they deserve and to help empower as many people as possible because it is their birthright to purely love and to live out their life's mission.




Mastering the Art of Intuition


A luxurious retreat that will take you from self-doubt to spiritual clout


Mastering the Art of Intuition is a five-day international retreat focused on intuitive development to improve your mental, physical, spiritual and financial livelihood.


Unlike the Power of Intuition Course, this retreat will take place on a million-dollar villa overlooking one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.


As you learn to harness your intuition, you will get to feel sand between your toes, feel at home away from home, and experience the (insert location here) as you uncover the keys to greater success within yourself.


Why is this important?


With all the work you do day in and day out, you deserve to experience love and wealth in a space designed to propel you to the next level.


Why is this REALLY important?


I helped a young business woman tripled her income by utilizing the power of intuition.


I would love to show you how to do the same for you.


So, what are results and benefits you can expect from my course?


You will learn how to read people going into business deals.


If you’re single, you will learn how to read people you’re interested in dating.


You will tour San Manuel, Costa Rica while unlocking the best part of yourself.


You will have access to me for all five days to ensure you meet your goals for the retreat.


You will have forever access to the Power of Intuition course materials and online community to reinforce what you learned on the retreat.  


Where else can you do that?


During the retreat, I will not only teach you to channel your intuition, but also break you into groups to practice with one another and provide an intuition journal for you to record your insights and breakthroughs.


This retreat will be a once in a lifetime experience you will never forget!


Are you ready to Master the Art of Intuition?


What this retreat is all about

When I didn’t listen to my intuition I made one bad decision after another; the negative effects lasting for YEARS

I knew I had a gift my whole life that was waiting to be discovered.  I didn't know what the gift was, but I felt the rumbling within my being and the need for it's emergence.  It took some self-discovery and time, but what arose was the development of my intuitive gift.  It took my soul crying out in the form of anxiety attacks to do the soul searching for what my life's passion is.

After performing thousands of readings I finely tuned my intuitive skills and realized I wanted to empower everyone I touched with the development of their intuition.

This retreat is about developing your intuition so that you not only save yourself from making the mistakes that your gut was telling you to avoid, but taking your life to the next level.   Your intuition is your north star that will always lead you to growth and opportunities are! 

This retreat is a game changer.  You will leave with the tools to take your life on the fast track to achieve everything you desire.  Say goodbye to wasting time, energy, and money and say hello to opportunities!

Join me in developing your intuition and leave with a tool that will last you a lifetime.

What you get

Exercises to practice your intuition to strengthen that muscle

All day access to an intuitive who will be guiding you through every step of the process

Understanding of energy and the way it works

Connecting to greater knowledge that you never experienced before

Access to an online community for support and encouragement


Access to my 9-week online course that goes through the ins and outs.  So the fun keeps going even after you leave Costa Rica :)

My Story

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