Retreat Lab

Certification Program 

How to produce world-class retreats & Events

Learn the skills necessary to Create, Fill, and Execute a world-class international retreat or event!

We work with the Top Teachers and Practitioners in the world, 

to help them share their Wisdom and Transform people's lives

by training them on how to lead the highest quality events, retreats, masterminds!

We remove all the guessing & headaches around logistics, budgeting and other intricacies.

We also help show you how to market your retreats consciously and effectively to sell out!


What this course is all about

I’m quite passionate in working with top teachers, practitioners, healers and leaders to help share their Wisdom and Transform people's lives through retreats and events. 

I’ve noticed how empowering it is for them to earn a great living while traveling to incredible places - reaching communities worldwide and enjoying the ride!

I’ve also seen how hard it is, after working with countless healers and teachers, for them to handle logistics, budgeting, marketing and other event related intricacies. I love taking those headaches away. I share with you all of my systems, learnings, spreadsheets and other tools to help make your event worry free. 

When they get to focus on teaching and not have to worry about how to plan a retreat or how to fill it, the magic really happens and they actually enjoy the process. 

I’ve learned from a lot of successes as well as mistakes over the past 15 years in the retreat and event business. I love sharing the lessons and wisdom i've learned over the years and seeing teachers I work with thrive. Whether a 20 person retreat or a 120 person conference or even a 7000 person festival - i've enjoyed producing them all and happy to work with people in my course or 1:1 and help them do the same. 

Come Study with us in a beautiful Costa Rican Retreat Center, that I designed as a perfect laboratory to teach this subject! We've been doing amazing retreats at VIDA for years! It is one of the unique reasons why we are so good at teaching this subject - because we've owned our own location and got to know the ins and outs.

What you get

  • A full curriculum of retreat and event wisdom delivered Online  

  • All of our templates from budget spreadsheets to experience design to help you along your way 

  • 1:1 personal consulting to plan your next retreat or event!

  • Access to our support network of experts, teachers, and mentors in the Collective 

  • Access to our Experience Laboratory at Puerta a la Vida, Costa Rica

  • Access to our private facebook and online communinty

  • Be Featured on Our Blog and Facebook Community to share your work! 

  • Access to our global Retreat Center relationships & preferred pricing 

  • Help in Marketing & filling your event 

  • Retreat Lab Live - Access to exclusive mastermind events in Costa Rica 

Fill all your seats and draw a real audience!

Fill all your seats and draw a real audience!

Lead powerful workshops and content!

Lead powerful workshops and content!

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  1. Creating the Name & Theme of your Event 

  2. Choosing a Location 

  3. Building the right Team 

  4. Building your Tribe - Deciding the size of the event

  5. Sales & Marketing strategies to fill up your event! 

  6. Mastering Finance and cashflow management

  7. Never fear Logistics again - transport / visa / payments

  8. Food and beverage - Chefs, Dietary forms and more 

  9. Event Production and Decor - the ins and outs 

  10. Experience design - Pre-arrival, Event, Post.

  11. Latest Gathering methodologies – fishbowl, hot seat, mastermind...

  12. Speakers & Facilitators - how to choose the best & stay on budget 

  13. Filming and Documenting - How to productize and promote your events 

  14. Sponsorship & Partners - how to get amazing partnerships! 

  15. Legal Waivers and Insurance - Don't worry, we have your back here! 

  16. Task management and Delegation - creating the Master Agenda 

  17. Cultivating & Maintaining a community year round - The Art of Tribe. 

  18. Post Event Analysis & Metrics - Processing key learnings while fresh 

  19. Selling your next event - How to Fill your Next Event before this one finishes 

  20. Health & Wellness Integration - the most important must-have considerations 

  21. Sustainability - How to create a sustainable event and leave less of a footprint 

My Story


I grew up in New York and had a background in organizing unique Events and Experiences ranging from 7000 person gatherings to boutique events for celebrities. But after some years in the fast paced Event Industry of New York City, I realized that a shift was needed because it was taking a toll on my body. It was at that point that I turned to integrative medicine for wellness.

So I decided to follow my passion in events and newly discovered interest in Wellness and in 2007 moved Costa Rica to build a Wellness Center & Community. That’s when Puerta a la Vida was born! Out of deep desire to prototype better, more abundant ways to live - with a focus on true wellness and longevity and quality of life.

I spent the next few years meeting top doctors, healers, and practitioners of various wellness modalities while visiting the top wellness centers around the world. Here I was surrounded by the best of the best and they had such a profound impact on my life. I wanted nothing more than to share their knowledge and wisdom with everyone I knew, through the lense of experiential events & retreats.

So in 2015, I launched Experience Vida – a boutique Event  & Retreat company – focused on producing one-of-a-kind experiences and curated educational content ranging from wellness to social impact, innovation, and beyond.


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"Eternally Grateful! There is no way that I could have pulled this retreat off without the expertise, support and mentoring of Edward Zaydelman. I went from a conversation to a decision to produce an event.The event was a massive success. Lives changed. Mission accomplished."

- Theo Hanson (Researcher, Author & Cancer activist)