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Theo Hanson


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Heart Disease is the number one killer in the United States. Cancer is the number two taker of lives. Doctors are number three. Getting out alive is becoming a challenge. People diagnosed with cancer in the United States live in a country that ranks 8th in cancer survival among the 16 ‘peer’ countries (other high income democracies). Let that sink in. Despite having a supposed amazing medical system and outspending the world (hands down), the United States is dangerous place to be diagnosed with cancer.


Most industrialized countries are fascinated with finding cures to symptoms using ‘for profit’ medications. The pressure of capitalism causes blindness, bias, and apathy. But here are 7 Pillars anyone can master to prevent, manage, and reverse almost every disease, including cancer. ESPECIALLY CANCER.

Nurture the body: What you eat matters. Choose foods that promote health, avoid low quality that is full of poisons. Let go of the protein obsession. Eat organic, plant based meals. Let your genes turn on to fight that diseases. Ignore this and die. It is that straightforward. No need to mince words. The science is overwhelming that the only eating pattern that reverses disease in studies is whole foods (no packaged crap) plant based that is nutrient diverse and nutrient dense. Low in fats, low in protein, high in natural, unrefined carbohydrates. The field of science is called Nutrigenomics.  

Breathe: Manage stress, not by ignoring but by learning to avoid it and manage it. Practicing breathing. Adopt a daily discipline of mindful meditation, stretching, and yoga. Change your job if you are spending your days in high stress environments. Change relationships or change the way you interact. The genes that heal you are turned off when you are stressed. Most of your immune system is unavailable.  

Movement: The human body is designed to move. The joy of industrialization is that we sit too long, too often, and don’t exercise. Get out and walk. If you are already walk, run. Consider HIT (high intensity training) practices. Do something aggressively for 2 minutes, rest 30 seconds and do another exercise for 2 minutes and rest for 30 seconds. Even 10 minutes a day can change your life, and your health. The body’s healing programs run when you exercise and move.  

Love: We all want to be loved. We all want to love others and have that love appreciated and received. Most of us have difficulties receiving love. And many of us find ourselves in relationships that can’t give us what we want. Change that. Practice gratitude (an expression of love) for the good things around you. Do this every day. Do it all day. When you feel isolated, alone and empty, your body doesn’t signal the disease fighting genes.

Absorb: You are only as healthy as what your digestion absorbs. Take care of your gut. Make sure you are eating foods that are good prebiotics. Include probiotics like fermented foods. There are many natural doctors and integrative medical practitioners that can help guide you to optimal gut health. Health is impossible without a functioning gut. This is microbiomics. We know that much of the disease fighting signaling starts here.

Let Go: It is time to let go. Forgive those who have hurt you. Not because they deserve it. Do it because you deserve it. Look back to ages 10-14. Who hurt you? Who just didn’t give you what you needed? Fast forward to the last 10 years. Who do you love that just doesn’t love you the way you want to be loved? Has someone disappointed you greatly? Has someone hurt you? Holding on doesn’t heal the body. Swallowing the hurt and burying it in a mental box doesn’t work. Let that shit go.

Believe: Believe that you have this. Build a team you have confidence in. Take actions you believe help you to overcome, survive and thrive. The power of your mind is staggering. 30-90% of people in a study that were given placebos but were led to believe that they were receiving powerful medicine had results and outcomes equal to, or better than those receiving the medicine! You are powerful!

If you have been diagnosed with cancer, or know someone who has, come join us in changing the outcome. / / /

With Love and Care,

Theo Hanson




Julie Pham


Julie Pham

How to Develop Your Intuition


I don't believe there was ever a time where I didn't listen to my intuition. You see, ever since I could remember, I was always able to read people.  But I didn't know it was my intuition.  I chalked it up to being astutely aware of body language and analyzing social behavior. It wasn't until that fateful afternoon that the book Autobiography of a Psychic was handed to me and my life was changed forever. 

Right after college I had a Math degree from Wesleyan University and did nothing with it because I needed to soul search.  Every job prospect that societal norms and my family thought would be good for me led to severe anxiety.  Looking back, I know that the twisting and turning in my gut was my intuition telling me, that's not for you.  

I read the book that was handed to me and a light bulb went off with the realization, "Omg! Am I psychic?".  And as any good mathematician would, I ran some experiments and data tested.  I performed thousands of readings for complete strangers without knowing any previous knowledge or asking any leading questions.  Being able to cold read led me to believe that I was in the fact highly intuitive.  

That discovery led to more practice and along with it I practiced the muscle of trust.  

My life was no longer the life I knew.  Not only because I discovered my gift, but because I practiced it constantly.  When you open up to your intuition, not only do you save yourself from mistakes, but opportunities begin appearing! 

Here are 5 tips on following your intuition.

1) Follow your gut instinct. The basic form of intuition is your gut instinct and then it evolves from there.  I still remember taking my SAT's and the last strategy that was listed was go with your gut. Amen to that!  The academic world knows that there is something to it.  Your gut instinct is always there to protect you.  It's what tells you when danger is around. Trust it always.  If you are ever in a situation that you feel unsafe remove yourself immediately! I can't tell you how many times my gut instinct saved me from precarious situations.  

2) Learn to feel into your body.  Your body never lies and will become your greatest gauge.  What does feeling into your body mean? It's all about asking how does my body feel.  For example, ask yourself how does my body feel about my job?  Your body will tell you the truth about your current reality. It will tell you if it feels good, excited, in love, light, joyful, nervous, anxious, apprehensive, fearful, heavy, etc.  Now that you have the adjectives, you now have a better understanding to how something is currently working for you.  

3) Meditate.  There's no other way around it.  Building your intuition means silencing your thoughts so that something greater can come in.  When we meditate we are practicing stillness, and therefore, better discernment.

4) Learn to trust.  Just like any relationship there must be a level of trust established.  Think of your intuition as a relationship/partner.  If you don't trust it, would it want to confide in you?  If you keep doubting it, does it want to keep speaking to you? 

When we doubt and don't trust intuition it's voice gets more and more faint

However, if you trust it. Just like a partner, it will want to talk to you more. It will want to help you even more.

5) Practice.  Just like any skill set, it takes practice in order to master it.  The thing with intuition is that you can't just read about it to get better at it. You have to actually practice. Imagine you wanted to become a basketball player.  Would you read tons of books on it and expect to be good at it?  It takes time, effort, energy, and practice on the court to learn!

Tell me if this sounds like you:

You've ignored your intuition in business and it cost you money and time where if you listened to it you would have been on the fast track.

You've ignored your intuition on what's best for you best for you and made the wrong career choice or took a job you know you shouldn't have and dreaded it.

You've ignored your intuition and ended up in a relationship or even marriage that you should have never been in.  It cost you, your emotional well-being, time, money, and energy.

If this sounds like you, let me tell you I can not only save you from money, heartache, money, emotional well being, and time BUT I can put you on the fast track!

If you're ready for the skill that will forever change your life because it is the ULTIMATE GAME CHANGER then join me.

Let me take you to the court!! The destination a multi-million dollar villa that overlooks one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.  Costa Rica will be our sanctuary and playing grounds to learn your biggest super power! 

Join me in Costa Rica for a 5-Day Retreat where you will learn how to develop your intuition to start living a life aligned! 

Let's create magic!



 Eclipse Alchemy: Communing with the Sun & Moon


Eclipse Alchemy: Communing with the Sun & Moon

Alchemists understood that everything above and in the heavens corresponds with that which is here, in the below, and in the physical reality we all experience. Alchemy could essentially be viewed as the art and science of understanding this correspondence. Like the ultimate translation device to everything you will ever think, feel, hear, touch, or witness; the “laws of correspondence” that the philosophers of the past helped illuminate and make known to us still today guide any alchemist or spiritual seeker forward on their journey of self-awakening and expressed divinity.  Without healthy knowledge of correspondences, the messages that your true-self crafts for the capture of your observation go unread and unused. Without self-reflection, there is little or no self-promoted health, evolution, and appreciation. To remain unaware of your own habits and preferences is to truly be lost in the darkness of an infinite Soul. 

"As above, so below" is the ultimate self-reflective tool. To know that what is out there is truly in here: projected out only through the functions of your Mind. To know this and use this knowledge is the Hermetic Art. 

To an alchemist, these truths are a given. And, beyond just being a philosophy, they are the experiences of the awakened.  

If this is to be so, then we must know the significance and the message that is reflected back to us from all events. Especially the astral ones! The biggest one on our horizon right now is the Solar Eclipse on August 21st, 2017. 

It is known now that the heavens are reflected in the Earth. That the stars and planets have their correspondence with metals, plants, organs, mental archetypes, and so on. If you are familiar with the work of Kymia Arts or alchemy in general, then you already know that the Sun represents Gold and the Crown and the Moon is Silver and the brow. The correspondences continue down through your Body and Mind. But now, because of the unique events happening in our skies this month, we can talk about how Platinum is the essence that corresponds to an eclipse.

Eclipse Oil!

That's right! An eclipse is when the Moon is aligned with the Sun. Platinum resonates with this alignment like no other metal. It was birthed from the existence of this event in our experience and is manifest now and throughout time for us to reflect upon and utilize.

To those who are scientifically savvy, you know just how profound the characteristics of platinum group metals can be when influenced to exist in their sovereign and monoatomic state. The capacity to bend energy around itself, to influence gravity and time. Platinum and the elements grouped with it on the periodic table are metals that correspond to our divine states as consciousness. 

The Oil of Gold leads to the knowledge of true Self. This is often understood as enlightenment or awakening. But what happens post-awakening? Ok, I know I am the creator, so what’s next? Platinum helps us integrate this awakening. 

When you wake up, the only true answer to any question is 'I Am.' That, of course, means that you are the totality of your experience. Nothing else can be validated as Truth beyond your experience of Self. That leaves you - true you (consciousness) - as TheTruth! Truth is a synonymous term with 'existence,' which means that everything that exists must be you, the creator. Awakening then means to know that you are All. That you are The Truth, and that no thing exists outside of your existence. If anything exists at all, then it must be an aspect of your Self.

The Oil of Platinum is a tool that helps us to visit all the pieces of our perceived realities and integrate them as Self. The only reason we perceive anything at all is because we have the gift of perception, which is an inherent faculty of consciousness (Self). The Perceiver (aka The Self) is embodied in the archetype of the Sun and the Oil of Gold. Our perceptions are embodied by the archetype of the Moon and the Oil of Silver. Platinum is the integration of the perceiver and the perception - the Sun and the Moon - so that all things may be experienced as Self. All is the perceiver. All that exists is you. 

Understanding these correspondences is integral for translating the messages of perceived and projected self. We stand forever in front of a cosmic mirror, and it just so happens that - with this eclipse - the mirror is reflecting our awakening and integration into these divine potentials we have forever possessed.

Let us meet this calling head on! Together and with intention.

Communing with the essence of the thing (platinum) that reflects the resonant energy of this event is the most direct way to meet this cosmic message. To match your frequency to its frequency, to invite its existence into your existence and become one with this event - No thing could be more lovely or sacred.

By Avery Hopkins 



Marcelo Mansour - Vibrational Healing & Flow State

July 10, 2017 - Costa Rica Interview by Edward Zaydelman

Born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina - Marcelo Mansour is a Vibrational Healing & T’ai Chi Master. He has a deep passion for music and composing and 25 years experience teaching T’ai Chi. By integrating the movements of T'ai Chi with the sounds of sacred instruments - he has created a unique and profound form of energy healing.  Read More: Marcelo Mansour Bio  





I've discovered that there are things a lot more valuable than social media, blogs, digital marketing or the Web. I've stopped worrying about the number of followers I have, my bounce rate, the number of views on my websites or even the amount of "retweets" and "likes" I get, and I've started to confront the way I work on the social media networks, making the most of being able to network in this digital enviroment. But mainly it's about knowing what feedback I want and how I'm going to achieve it.

Understanding the value

  • Receiving more e-mails than comments: The comments are great, they bring more value to the subject in question and sometimes can generate passionate conversations. However, on a monthly basis I receive more personal e-mails than comments. Intimate e-mails with personal history: this is what you should be looking for, be in touch with the people who read, follow and value your work and what you do for them. That is what changes everything - you start to bond with these people that allows you to cross the street to see them and share with them what you are doing, and getting recommended to their friends.
  • Changing people: When your articles, speeches, projects or even tweets allow somebody to start a project, confront their fears, deal with delays, realise their mistakes and enable them to learn from them, or finally understand that they've got the capability to excel in whatever they want, that's when the best results start going the right way. The most powerful KPI is to how much you can change people's work, business results, perception or lifestyle - for the better.
  • Being conscious about your work: There's a type of work that can't be measured and it's the one that enhances you as a professional. It might be making a podcast, it might be being reponsable for all the digital work for a NGO or even writing down your thoughts and feelings on a piece of paper and posting them on Instagram every day. Look for ways to impact the relationship between your communities.
  • Stop defending and start ignoring: It's like everything, there's always that skeptical person that says, "If you can't count it, it can't be measured." This might be true, but only when you have to back your results up in front of your boss, a teacher or a client. But never think that everything has to be measured; this way of being is only for those who need to count and measure everything they do. The people who don't appreciate your work now, will never do, and that's their problem, not yours.

Always meausuring, exposing your results, showing your superiority and improving your own records. That's all great and fascinating, but only when you can turn these numbers into:

  • More economical stability.
  • Creating more work for you and for others.
  • Changing more lives.
  • Starting more projects.
  • Having a group of colleagues that will help you in what you are doing.
  • Work less and produce more.
  • Speak about numbers that can be turned into positive effects for those who can help you achieve those numbers.

-Isra Garcia





The words “Wellness in the Workplace” were a concept quite contradictory for me. I felt that as an entrepreneur, I had to work late nights, cope with stress at any level, and do whatever it takes.

This was in part due to my surrounding always being full of people working this way, “hustling”. I remembered my late nights in high school and college writing papers and doing whatever it takes and I took this culture with me into the business world. Business always came first, until I realized my well being was an important factor at how effective I could be. I was simply run down – and noticed when healthy – I’m producing better quality work. And I wasn’t alone, I had a few colleagues that seemed to be well rested, had time for the gym, had time for travels and fun, and didn’t seem to be the same as the rest of the rats in the race – in fact many had stepped out of the rat race.

There was a shift of paradigm that was occurring where people were becoming more conscious of wellness. Whether it was the Wholefood Organic boom, yoga, retreats, less people smoking, there was a shift happening. This new paradigm has also been aided by a next generation of workspaces that cared for the health of their employees. They knew that a healthier and happier workforce was more productive, and studies supported this.

The rise in co-working spaces was a powerful part of this equation. They knew they had to deconstruct the traditional office – make it fun, make it communal, and foster a different culture. Having worked and designed co-working spaces – I found something incredible in the community that it fostered, the sharing, productivity everything was better – people were simply happier. The space were designed in beautiful ways – they were typically larger more open floor plans, air and light were prevalent, art was often incorporated, events and engaging community activities. This massive break of the paradigm of cubicle working was one of the biggest steps toward improving how and where we worked. It also catered to a new breed of nomadic entrepreneur that was tired of working at home or Starbucks – they wanted a place to work but detested offices.

Some specific measures taken included: spaces for yoga & stretching, classes/lectures, lots of access to water, natural light in the office and plants, more open space design, community activities, retreats, healthy food options, incorporation of art, and overall a culture that appreciated those in the office. There was also a rise in corporate retreats as of recent – team building, fun, nature, education, yoga – all of these fit into a great formula to give those in the office something remarkable. It also helps to build community in a tremendous way.

The care for community is an often overlooked aspect of workplace wellness. When people feel a part of a  team, a community they are motivated in an incredible way. When they understand what part they play in that whole, when they sense their purpose or place in the community / organization, they thrive. There’s nothing more empowering than living with a purpose, and knowing you matter. When we can share and utilize our skills towards the betterment of a greater whole, people feel at their best. And its important that they are acknowledged and appreciated for that. Creating an environment that fosters community and individual responsibility toward that community is critical in any work place.

It is also the responsibility of the individual to take care of their own wellness. The simplest aspects of wellness are often overlooked… Are you getting enough sleep, water, exercise, and are you sticking to a diet that makes you feel good. Its quite simple – the goal is to feel good – when you feel good you do good. Producing quality products is intrinsically dependent on the machine functioning well. Other activities that are simple to get into are meditation (whether though guided programs bought online – or just sitting in stillness). This is a mini vacation – a time for yourself away from the office, family, friends and in your own peace.

One way or another employees, entrepreneurs, business owners alike are realizing the importance of wellness in the work place. Where they work, how they work, when they work, who they work with, what they are working on, and why. All of these matter. If you are not happy with where you work, or the manner in which you work, or what your working on – CHANGE IT. For those working in an office – challenge the office owner to add features that can improve the wellness of those in the office. And if you are a business owner – time to catch up with the current. If you are not currently considering your space design, amenities, and extras like classes/lectures, retreats, and community health – time to start. There is a new culture being cultivated in today’s workplace – one focused on wellness – and there couldn’t be a better time to be cultivating this culture, the resources at our disposable are greater than ever. I challenge you to simply take note of the things listed in this article and see how you are working.

-Ed Zaydelman