Alchemists understood that everything above and in the heavens corresponds with that which is here, in the below, and in the physical reality we all experience. Alchemy could essentially be viewed as the art and science of understanding this correspondence. Like the ultimate translation device to everything you will ever think, feel, hear, touch, or witness; the “laws of correspondence” that the philosophers of the past helped illuminate and make known to us still today guide any alchemist or spiritual seeker forward on their journey of self-awakening and expressed divinity.  Without healthy knowledge of correspondences, the messages that your true-self crafts for the capture of your observation go unread and unused. Without self-reflection, there is little or no self-promoted health, evolution, and appreciation. To remain unaware of your own habits and preferences is to truly be lost in the darkness of an infinite Soul. 

"As above, so below" is the ultimate self-reflective tool. To know that what is out there is truly in here: projected out only through the functions of your Mind. To know this and use this knowledge is the Hermetic Art. 

To an alchemist, these truths are a given. And, beyond just being a philosophy, they are the experiences of the awakened.  

If this is to be so, then we must know the significance and the message that is reflected back to us from all events. Especially the astral ones! The biggest one on our horizon right now is the Solar Eclipse on August 21st, 2017. 

It is known now that the heavens are reflected in the Earth. That the stars and planets have their correspondence with metals, plants, organs, mental archetypes, and so on. If you are familiar with the work of Kymia Arts or alchemy in general, then you already know that the Sun represents Gold and the Crown and the Moon is Silver and the brow. The correspondences continue down through your Body and Mind. But now, because of the unique events happening in our skies this month, we can talk about how Platinum is the essence that corresponds to an eclipse.

Eclipse Oil!

That's right! An eclipse is when the Moon is aligned with the Sun. Platinum resonates with this alignment like no other metal. It was birthed from the existence of this event in our experience and is manifest now and throughout time for us to reflect upon and utilize.

To those who are scientifically savvy, you know just how profound the characteristics of platinum group metals can be when influenced to exist in their sovereign and monoatomic state. The capacity to bend energy around itself, to influence gravity and time. Platinum and the elements grouped with it on the periodic table are metals that correspond to our divine states as consciousness. 

The Oil of Gold leads to the knowledge of true Self. This is often understood as enlightenment or awakening. But what happens post-awakening? Ok, I know I am the creator, so what’s next? Platinum helps us integrate this awakening. 

When you wake up, the only true answer to any question is 'I Am.' That, of course, means that you are the totality of your experience. Nothing else can be validated as Truth beyond your experience of Self. That leaves you - true you (consciousness) - as TheTruth! Truth is a synonymous term with 'existence,' which means that everything that exists must be you, the creator. Awakening then means to know that you are All. That you are The Truth, and that no thing exists outside of your existence. If anything exists at all, then it must be an aspect of your Self.

The Oil of Platinum is a tool that helps us to visit all the pieces of our perceived realities and integrate them as Self. The only reason we perceive anything at all is because we have the gift of perception, which is an inherent faculty of consciousness (Self). The Perceiver (aka The Self) is embodied in the archetype of the Sun and the Oil of Gold. Our perceptions are embodied by the archetype of the Moon and the Oil of Silver. Platinum is the integration of the perceiver and the perception - the Sun and the Moon - so that all things may be experienced as Self. All is the perceiver. All that exists is you. 

Understanding these correspondences is integral for translating the messages of perceived and projected self. We stand forever in front of a cosmic mirror, and it just so happens that - with this eclipse - the mirror is reflecting our awakening and integration into these divine potentials we have forever possessed.

Let us meet this calling head on! Together and with intention.

Communing with the essence of the thing (platinum) that reflects the resonant energy of this event is the most direct way to meet this cosmic message. To match your frequency to its frequency, to invite its existence into your existence and become one with this event - No thing could be more lovely or sacred.

By Avery Hopkins