How to Develop Your Intuition


I don't believe there was ever a time where I didn't listen to my intuition. You see, ever since I could remember, I was always able to read people.  But I didn't know it was my intuition.  I chalked it up to being astutely aware of body language and analyzing social behavior. It wasn't until that fateful afternoon that the book Autobiography of a Psychic was handed to me and my life was changed forever. 

Right after college I had a Math degree from Wesleyan University and did nothing with it because I needed to soul search.  Every job prospect that societal norms and my family thought would be good for me led to severe anxiety.  Looking back, I know that the twisting and turning in my gut was my intuition telling me, that's not for you.  

I read the book that was handed to me and a light bulb went off with the realization, "Omg! Am I psychic?".  And as any good mathematician would, I ran some experiments and data tested.  I performed thousands of readings for complete strangers without knowing any previous knowledge or asking any leading questions.  Being able to cold read led me to believe that I was in the fact highly intuitive.  

That discovery led to more practice and along with it I practiced the muscle of trust.  

My life was no longer the life I knew.  Not only because I discovered my gift, but because I practiced it constantly.  When you open up to your intuition, not only do you save yourself from mistakes, but opportunities begin appearing! 

Here are 5 tips on following your intuition.

1) Follow your gut instinct. The basic form of intuition is your gut instinct and then it evolves from there.  I still remember taking my SAT's and the last strategy that was listed was go with your gut. Amen to that!  The academic world knows that there is something to it.  Your gut instinct is always there to protect you.  It's what tells you when danger is around. Trust it always.  If you are ever in a situation that you feel unsafe remove yourself immediately! I can't tell you how many times my gut instinct saved me from precarious situations.  

2) Learn to feel into your body.  Your body never lies and will become your greatest gauge.  What does feeling into your body mean? It's all about asking how does my body feel.  For example, ask yourself how does my body feel about my job?  Your body will tell you the truth about your current reality. It will tell you if it feels good, excited, in love, light, joyful, nervous, anxious, apprehensive, fearful, heavy, etc.  Now that you have the adjectives, you now have a better understanding to how something is currently working for you.  

3) Meditate.  There's no other way around it.  Building your intuition means silencing your thoughts so that something greater can come in.  When we meditate we are practicing stillness, and therefore, better discernment.

4) Learn to trust.  Just like any relationship there must be a level of trust established.  Think of your intuition as a relationship/partner.  If you don't trust it, would it want to confide in you?  If you keep doubting it, does it want to keep speaking to you? 

When we doubt and don't trust intuition it's voice gets more and more faint

However, if you trust it. Just like a partner, it will want to talk to you more. It will want to help you even more.

5) Practice.  Just like any skill set, it takes practice in order to master it.  The thing with intuition is that you can't just read about it to get better at it. You have to actually practice. Imagine you wanted to become a basketball player.  Would you read tons of books on it and expect to be good at it?  It takes time, effort, energy, and practice on the court to learn!

Tell me if this sounds like you:

You've ignored your intuition in business and it cost you money and time where if you listened to it you would have been on the fast track.

You've ignored your intuition on what's best for you best for you and made the wrong career choice or took a job you know you shouldn't have and dreaded it.

You've ignored your intuition and ended up in a relationship or even marriage that you should have never been in.  It cost you, your emotional well-being, time, money, and energy.

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