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Heart Disease is the number one killer in the United States. Cancer is the number two taker of lives. Doctors are number three. Getting out alive is becoming a challenge. People diagnosed with cancer in the United States live in a country that ranks 8th in cancer survival among the 16 ‘peer’ countries (other high income democracies). Let that sink in. Despite having a supposed amazing medical system and outspending the world (hands down), the United States is dangerous place to be diagnosed with cancer.


Most industrialized countries are fascinated with finding cures to symptoms using ‘for profit’ medications. The pressure of capitalism causes blindness, bias, and apathy. But here are 7 Pillars anyone can master to prevent, manage, and reverse almost every disease, including cancer. ESPECIALLY CANCER.

Nurture the body: What you eat matters. Choose foods that promote health, avoid low quality that is full of poisons. Let go of the protein obsession. Eat organic, plant based meals. Let your genes turn on to fight that diseases. Ignore this and die. It is that straightforward. No need to mince words. The science is overwhelming that the only eating pattern that reverses disease in studies is whole foods (no packaged crap) plant based that is nutrient diverse and nutrient dense. Low in fats, low in protein, high in natural, unrefined carbohydrates. The field of science is called Nutrigenomics.  

Breathe: Manage stress, not by ignoring but by learning to avoid it and manage it. Practicing breathing. Adopt a daily discipline of mindful meditation, stretching, and yoga. Change your job if you are spending your days in high stress environments. Change relationships or change the way you interact. The genes that heal you are turned off when you are stressed. Most of your immune system is unavailable.  

Movement: The human body is designed to move. The joy of industrialization is that we sit too long, too often, and don’t exercise. Get out and walk. If you are already walk, run. Consider HIT (high intensity training) practices. Do something aggressively for 2 minutes, rest 30 seconds and do another exercise for 2 minutes and rest for 30 seconds. Even 10 minutes a day can change your life, and your health. The body’s healing programs run when you exercise and move.  

Love: We all want to be loved. We all want to love others and have that love appreciated and received. Most of us have difficulties receiving love. And many of us find ourselves in relationships that can’t give us what we want. Change that. Practice gratitude (an expression of love) for the good things around you. Do this every day. Do it all day. When you feel isolated, alone and empty, your body doesn’t signal the disease fighting genes.

Absorb: You are only as healthy as what your digestion absorbs. Take care of your gut. Make sure you are eating foods that are good prebiotics. Include probiotics like fermented foods. There are many natural doctors and integrative medical practitioners that can help guide you to optimal gut health. Health is impossible without a functioning gut. This is microbiomics. We know that much of the disease fighting signaling starts here.

Let Go: It is time to let go. Forgive those who have hurt you. Not because they deserve it. Do it because you deserve it. Look back to ages 10-14. Who hurt you? Who just didn’t give you what you needed? Fast forward to the last 10 years. Who do you love that just doesn’t love you the way you want to be loved? Has someone disappointed you greatly? Has someone hurt you? Holding on doesn’t heal the body. Swallowing the hurt and burying it in a mental box doesn’t work. Let that shit go.

Believe: Believe that you have this. Build a team you have confidence in. Take actions you believe help you to overcome, survive and thrive. The power of your mind is staggering. 30-90% of people in a study that were given placebos but were led to believe that they were receiving powerful medicine had results and outcomes equal to, or better than those receiving the medicine! You are powerful!

If you have been diagnosed with cancer, or know someone who has, come join us in changing the outcome. / / /

With Love and Care,

Theo Hanson