Architect, business director, Dj., experience designer, conscious life coach, founder and director of El Despertador (conscious living movement) and owner of La casa de El Despertador (home base for the promotion of consciousness, connection and celebration),facilitator of El Cortis (dance meditation). Passionate explorer of religions, philosophies, psycho-spiritual therapies, meditation and music. Life student of pragmatic spirituality.  Dedicated the last 20 years to promote and teach the process of unlearning, mindfulness and positive tuning. Stubborn believer of every human being's potential to wake up, connect and celebrate life!

El Cortis is an active meditation, a musical journey through the power of playfulness, intention and dance. The way is through the activation of consciousness, connection and celebration!  Dancing to a sequence of songs, each one with a different intention and dynamic, we connect to the present moment, to ourselves, to each other, to our intention, to the powers within, to our heart, to our inner peace, joy and gratitude! It's essence is to remember our way back to the "here and now", to one's center, to that space where we are free to choose, to that place where every conscious movement begins, to that point where empowerment happens! This is a high vibe gathering intended to raise our frequency, for a higher quality and authentic connection with life!